21st Century Roofline Solutions gets the job done right!

About Us

We are a family owned home improvements company based in Melton mowbray. We don't believe in hard sell or haggling over price, instead we prefer to listen to what you, the customer, require.

As with most home improvements today there are options which suit different budgets and by suiting the application to the right product we can ensure you will get the best value for money. 


Fascias, Soffits & Guttering  

Slate repair 

Concrete tile repair

We also do other home improvements such as uPVC Windows and Solar Panel installations.

We have all the accreditations necessary to carry out the work i.e MCS accreditation for Solar panels and  Part P electrical Accreditation. We are also Certass accredited for our windows and doors and trustmark accredited.

Contact us on 01664 812225, 07791 583498. 

Email: info@21cenergysol.com

Roof Maintenance

The most important part of your property is the roof. If your roof leaks then it will lead to a host of other expensive issue's which can cause irreparable damage to your property. Rotten joists and damp are 2 the biggest threat's. Once dampness enters a roof space then the joists are attacked and dry rot can also set in which could mean the replacement of all the roof joists which in turn will mean a re-roof job which could be hard to put a price on. Your insurance company will not pay out as it is your responsibility to make sure your property is in a sound and well maintained manner and leaky roofs and gutters will come under that bracket.

Once any erosion of timber occurs then it is impossible to stop and the only cure is replacement timber.

Dry Rot

Although they don't sound a lot different wet rot and dry rot are very different mainly because one is caused by excess water and the other by a fungus called Serpula lacrymans. Lots of fungus and mushrooms destroys wood, just look in any forest, the difference with Serpula lacrymans is that it loves the interior of buildings that are damp and poorly ventilated. It also has the trick of being able to cross brick work and plaster and into timber beyond. Add to this that when it releases its spores these carry and if they find damp wood they grow causing more damage. It is important to note that dry rot does not occur on dry timber but has to start on damp timber which can become dry.